Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanks, and I *DO* Read and Answer Your Comments

To all my friends and readers, I just want to say thanks to everyone - my theist, atheist, and agnostic friends alike - for their support in my little project and experiment. With the length of the posts that I've been making on each chapter, along with the frequency in which I've been posting, I do want to assure everyone who has commented so far or wishes to comment, that I have been and will continue answering your comments. To those who have simply been lurking, please feel free to share your thoughts regardless of your belief system, as I really do appreciate everyone's point of views, whether we agree or not.

Once again, while I do realize it can be hard for me to be serious with some of the subject matter of the bible, it is neither my intention to insult people's chosen belief systems nor to attempt to derail anyone's beliefs either. My intentions are only to share how the bible reads to someone reading it from cover to cover for the first time. If anything, I only hope this little experiment helps people think more clearly about the book, whether it makes you question it or perhaps even if it strengthens your faith.

Thanks again for everyone's positive support and encouragement, and feel free to leave your comments. I'm more than willing to engage in discussion on any agreement or disagreement you may have.

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