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EXODUS: Chapters 37, 38, & 39

Chapters 37, 38, & 39
Thoughts:Much like my summaries for Exodus: Chapters 26, 27, and 28, I will simply give extremely brief summaries about them as these three chapters mostly deal with the steps taken in the construction of the tabernacle, and the making of the priest garments. I will throw in a few interesting details found in the chapters and once again with provide links to the King James version of the respective chapters if you would care to read them for yourselves.

Most of the information in these chapters is not relevant to understanding either the book of Exodus, or the bible as a whole, and generally can be skipped unless you've got a desire to build your own tabernacle tent.
Chapter 37
  • Bezalel makes the ark of the covenant.
  • He makes the lid out of pure gold called it "the place of mercy".
  • He makes a table out of acacia wood, and using pure gold, makes bowls, dishes, and spoons for placing on top of the table.
  • He makes a lamp stand out of pure, beaten gold, that holds seven (again with that number) lamps.
  • He makes the incense altar out of acacia wood, overlaid with gold.
  • He makes the anointing oil and incense.
King James Version of Exodus: Chapter 37
Chapter 38
  • Bezalel makes the burnt offering altar out of acacia wood, overlaid with bronze.
  • He makes bronze utensils: pots, shovels, basins, meat hooks, and fire pans.
  • A bronze washbasin and bronze pedestal were made from a bronze mirror donated by the women.
  • He makes the courtyard and the drapes covering the entrances.
  • All the nails used in building the tabernacle and the court were bronze.
  • The construction of the tabernacle was supervised by Ithamar, one of Aaron's sons.
  • Bezalel was the master craftsman.
  • The people had brought gifts of 3,140 pounds of gold.
  • The amount of silver used was 9,575 pounds, and came from the tax imposed upon the Israelis registered in the census - a total of 603,550 men*.
  • The people had donated 7,540 pounds of bronze.
King James Version of Exodus: Chapter 38
Notes:1.) We are told in Exodus: Chapter 12 that the people of Israel numbered 600,000 men - not including wives and children. Although we don't know exactly how many years have transpired, the people of Israel's journey to the "promised land" lasts 40 years. Most biblical scholars believe that the tabernacle was built a year after the Israelis departure from Egypt. Somehow, even with the deaths of 3,000 people in Exodus: Chapter 32, and an untold amount killed in God's plague sent shortly after, we now have a 3,550 man surplus. It is unstated, when these taxes were collected, but it is still hard to account for the 3,550 surplus nonetheless.
Chapter 39
  • The priest garments are made by the people of Israel.
  • Bezalel beat gold into thin plates and made wire threads from them, to work into the linen.
  • The two onyx stones attached to the shoulder straps of the garments were set in gold, and upon them were engraved the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • Bells of pure gold were attached to the bottom edge of the garment.
  • A plate of pure gold was made for the turban, engraved with the words "Consecrated to Yahweh", tied to the turban with a blue cord.
  • Moses inspects the work of the craftsmen and blesses them all after he approves of their adherence to God's specifics.
King James Version of Exodus: Chapter 39

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