Monday, April 6, 2009

EXODUS: Chapter 40

Chapter 40
Summary:God now tells Moses to put together the tabernacle on the first day of the first month, to place inside of it the ark containing the ten commandments, and to install the veil to cover the ark. He then tells Moses to bring in the table and to place the utensils on it, and to also bring in the lampstand and to light the lamps.

God tells Moses where and how to set up the altars, the drapes, the washbasin, and the curtain door to the courtyard. He then tells Moses to anoint everything in the tabernacle with the anointing oil, and to bring Aaron and his sons to the entrance to the tabernacle, washing them with the water in the washbasin.

Next, God tells Moses to clothe Aaron with the holy garments and anoint him, and to put the holy robes on Aaron's sons, and anoint them as he did their father. God notes that the anointing shall be permanent from generation to generation.

Moses got to work assembling the tabernacle, everything it was to contain, and anointed Aaron and his sons as God had commanded him to. A cloud then covered the tabernacle and filled it with the glory of God, and to which Moses was unable to enter as it did so.

Whenever the cloud lifted and moved, the people of Israel followed it; and when it rested, the people remained until it moved again. The cloud rested upon the tabernacle in the daytime, and at night there was fire in the cloud so that the people could see it in the darkness.

This continued throughout their journeys.
Thoughts:This final chapter in the book of Exodus leaves us with Moses putting together the final touches to the tabernacle and anointing it, as well as anointing his brother Aaron and sons as priests. God states that the anointing of Aaron and his sons is permanent and will extend to generations of Aaron's lineage.

God then takes on the form of a cloud again (highlighted with fireballs at night) that somehow is impenetrable for Moses to pass through as it is filling the tabernacle with God's glory, which just seems plainly silly.

The people of Israel follow the cloud and let it lead them in their journey to the promised land.

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